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Income Plan by yes group

Number of weeks

A stable income management system for both consumers. And entrepreneurs From all the spending of life. Consumers buy cheaper products at a steady income opportunity. Sellers have more sales stop selling non-stop revenue.
The best chance of everyone. Every opportunity spent on a daily basis. Spend at a cheaper price, get cashback, get a chance to live a life of security.


Starting from buying goods or services through yesgroup Online Affiliate Stores More Than 100 Affiliates Worldwide


2. Yesgroup affiliate stores in offline nationwide. Yesgroup It will grow globally in near-term. Buy a product at a cheaper price. Get cashback. Earn a steady income from every spending spent by a Yesgroup affiliate.





Important message
Prize money Special discounts are subject to management system conditions to create a stable income for members.
Silver Rewards Special Discount Promotion is not part of the marketing plan. It is the purpose of the Yes group to generate income for its members. By spending through the system of Yes group of daily purchases. Cheaper price To be a part of creating security opportunities for members. By spending daily necessities and building a solid consumer network for the Yes Group and its members, members need to accept the system. The total prize money received.
Real-time calculation of benefits

Transfer money to your account at the next 15 days.

Every code that earns and earns is in its own membership system. The system will generate income in the system of every member code of 1,200 Thai/baht to be a reserve for the monthly package system under the Success Pay plan to generate a sustainable income every month. And over  1,200 Thai/baht revenue will be shown on every member ID on the 1st of next month. The amount of the excess of 1,200 Thai/baht, but not less than 500Thai/baht of the amount transferred to the bank account of the member notified to the company on the 15th of every month.

The marketing fee paid by the operator to the Yes group is the ownership of the company. The company reserves the right to make changes. Or cancel the prize. Special Discounts What is wrong? Or damaged to Yes group

Sustainable income Opportunity of being a member Yes Group
Success Pay Rotation System By Yes Group

Income / month
Income / Week
Total of members
1/ month
2/ month
3/ month

Rotation System By Yes Group

For example, income from cost 133 Baht 5 people.


Example of a member's income: 133 baht, recommended 5 people in a week

Yes Group

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